Easy Order Corporation Fax Form

Photocopy this form if you wish to confirm receipt call: Toll Free 1(888) 641-3800

Names Address Telephone/Fax Percentage of Ownership Interset
Must add upto 100%
Names Address Telephone/Fax
Names U.S Social Security Number Address Telephone/Fax
Summary of Services Client Selection of Services
Regular Corporation: US$118.95
Service Agreement: 367.95
General Counsel fee 1 year: 89.95
Fedral Tax Id Number 35
Foreign National Fed Tax Id: 125
Deleware Fictitious Name:
2 Week Service: 149.95
3 Day Service: 224.95
Next Day Service: 229.95
Mail forwarding Service:(6 months @ $15 per month plus initial postage deposit of $25) 115
Deleware Business Registration: 100
Taxpayer ID for Foreigners: 125
Sub-Chapter S: 75
1244 Stock: 50
Home office Lease: 150
Motor Equipment Lease: 150
Qualified Sub Chapter S Subsidairy: 150
Voting Trust: 767.95
Stock Options: 367.95
Indemnification Agreement: 75
Shareholder's Restrictive Agreement : 150
Shareholder's Divorce Protection: 75
Employee Benefits and policies: 167.95
Employment Agreement: 150
Delaware New Hire Report Form: 35
Independent Contractor Agreement: 150
Variations of Ownership:
Capital Stock[Common]: 49.95
Capital Stock [Non Voting]: 74.95
Capital Stock[Preferred]: 149.95
Lender's Agreement & Promissory Note: 149.95
Security Agreement: 75
Perfect the lien Created by Security Agreement: 75
D&B Number: 50
Business Checking\ Mastercard: 249.95
Detours and Contradictions 13.50
Charlie's Enterpreneurial Journey: 19.50
Lease Review : 100
Regular : 17.95
Overnight: $118.95
Regular Corporation: 30.95
Shipping Fees Outside Delaware Determined when order is confirmed :
Bank Fee Incoming wire tranfer of funds: 20
Next day Service: 200
3 Day Service: 125
Total Charges: $US
You may include payment in the form of Cashier's Check or Money Order via mail or via fax: Charge my Credit Card:Visa:MasterCardAmerican ExpressDiscoverdiners Card#Exp.DateName on CreditCard:Singnature:Billing Address:Zip Code: You may include payment in the form of a Cashier's Check or Money Order via Mail or via Fax: (You must also ATTACH a photocoy of BOTH sides of your credit card) Cash- Circle "Cash" to select this payment method You can wire fund to one of our accounts. We will provide you with the necessary information when reviewing this order with you.Please add an additional sum of US$20 to your order. This is the amout our bank deducts from your wire transfer as its service charge for accepting incoming wire funds.